Humans of the Earth

Kellyann Monaghan

“I use and explore landscapes, rural, urban and weather as a journey and stage for the drama of light, air and movement.  I attempt to see past the structured forms into the otherworldly qualities of the landscape.  I am intrigued by the way light plays on natural configurations, energizing and describing turbulence. “

There is a mystery in the dynamics of light and atmosphere in contrast to the landscape structures.  Stormy weather and extreme climate conditions permeating the natural landscape have become a new trajectory in my painting.  The surface of the paintings erupts with textured and expressive gestural marks, which are depictions of sweeping weather events.  The weather is instinctive inspiration for my tendencies as an alla prima painter. I find there to be an unsettling beauty in observing mother-nature in this painterly approach. 

My aim is to maintain an element of spontaneity and directness in the paint. A fluid and spontaneous quality in every paint stroke is very important to me. I primarily work all prima. I edit, emphasize and exaggerate structural and organic forms.  The process allows for idiosyncratic and unexpected painterly qualities to occur.   The nuances of light, atmosphere and weather generate a constant awe, sometimes fear and surprise.  At times the awe is when you are hoping to see it and other moments it is a surprise in revealing spaces.  The painting process is not just an analytical process for me, but is a revelation in every visual moment.