Lori Goldberg



The common object has often found its way into my art; from personal sacred objects,

mundane for the viewer, but for the owner imbued with private meaning, to objects

that have mass meaning such as the iconic Canadian canoe.

My recent paintings serves to open up a dialogue about our relationship to our

environment portraying our objects that are discarded and disregarded and end up in

garbage sites. Within these sites there are mounds and mounds of history: the detritus

of days spent, life and death, business, conveniences used, sentimental things broken

and more. An area full of banished objects.

Painting is a visceral, tactile and physical experience that draws me into a state of quiet

contemplation that imbues the painted piles of our castaways with an innate intrinsic


Exposing the out of sight and the forgotten reminds us of the ongoing narrative

between humans and how we are impacting our environment.