Humans of the Earth

Lori Goldberg

Lori Goldberg’s artworks serve to open a dialogue about our relationship to our environment. These painterly renderings of toppling scrap heaps remind us quietly: that which we discard doesn’t disappear - and it reappears here, a reminder of environmental impact encrypted within a series of lush paintings.

Over the past year, Lori traveled to different refuse sites across British Columbia, interviewing caretakers of the garbage facilities and photo-documenting each location. There is an intense and towering nature to the scrap heaps painted in Poetics of the Discarded that results from the information gathered at these sites. Goldberg noted her experience of entering each waste-management site, her senses at once bombarded by the sound, smell and visual impact. With an interest in memory and objects, Goldberg was influenced by the mass of collective memory each scrap heap represented. Within the refuse there were mounds and mounds of history: the detritus of days spent, life and death, business, sentimental things broken and so much more.

1. Trash Series 'Walking Away' 2019 8x6 in acrylic ink on paper.jpg
3.Trash Series 'Trash Cool' 2019 acrylic ink on paper 8x6in.jpg
10. Trash Series'What We Discarded Does Not Disapear' 2019 Ironed plastic bags transferred onto canvas 40x36 in .jpg
16.Reconstructing Nature with Garbage Chute 2019 acrylic on linen 48x 36in .jpg
17. Reconstruciton Nature with Crane 2019 acrylic on linen 48 x36 in .jpg