Humans of the Earth
Zoo @ Fresno 16.jpg

Andrew Ciminelli

“My photography explores multiple perspectives in an abstract print through collage and cubism. Pablo Picasso and David Hockney, two artists who experimented with perspective abstraction, are my most prominent influences. I attempt to break from the visually realistic convention of photography and present a final artwork with characteristics that are similar to a painting. I approach this by emphasizing patterns and textures throughout an image, as a painter would have created a physical depth on a canvas.”

I believe art is most powerful when it replicates specific aspects of our natural surroundings with the touch of the artist. Art is meant to portray an individuals interpretation of the world we inhabit. What I present of the natural environment ranges from tangible to severely abstract. In essence, these artworks are my illustrations of what I see through the camera with a fresh insight into the extraordinary world we inhabit.

Kinesthetics of light 1.jpg
Kinesthetics of light 4.jpg
Kinesthetics of light 3.jpg
Kinesthetics of light 5.jpg