Humans of the Earth

Absence Speaks


Humans of the Earth Gallery is proud to present "Absence Speaks," an exhibit by Bea Lamar.

With a bold use of materials, fragrance, and negative space, Lamar relies on the ephemerality of florals that consistently impact their surrounding.  The viewer faces an invitation to interact with the work, made even stronger by the sensation arising from the scent.

With the new works, Lamar exhibits the gilded jailbed installation, completed Christmas 2017, as a bow to the enormous number of people forced to be absent from their communities and families during the holidays, due to the practice of mass incarceration and the school-to-prison pipeline.  The installation was created in the span of 3 weeks, in collaboration with the Justice LA's "jailbeddrop" initiative that dropped over 50 jailbed installations by artists in various LA County cities on Christmas day, to protest LA County's plans to build two new jails.

Lamar states, "the process relied heavily on subtraction, and purposeful deprivation, to alter the naturally occurring form of the true lilies.  More importantly the effects of the expropriation of these essential elements are in full view.  I wanted people to witness it from a different perspective, say sitting or laying down in a lower bunk of a jailbed"

Bea Lamar was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and currently lives in Pasadena, CA. She attended Art Center College of Design.  Her solo exhibitions include "Climagration," HOTE Gallery, Los Angeles, (2017); "Envisions," Rearte Gallery, Vienna (2013); "UFO," Nuit Blanche, Ottawa, Canada (2012); and "Absolute Fantasy," Papillion, Los Angeles (2010).

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